Luxury, Natural Candles for Your Wellbeing Journey

We create 100% natural, luxury candles using only the highest quality ingredients. A limited number of blended essential oils, with specific therapeutic benefits, will enhance your wellbeing with wonderful scents to create the perfect atmosphere.

Our candles are designed to share the Love Light and Life around you. They are perfect as gifts, or as treats for yourself. With their universal love message, elegant and simple at the same time, they will inspire you and your loved ones.

Explore the Love Light Life concept

With a holistic approach, Nathalie, the founder, is now offering a course and explore the Love Light Life concept on a deeper level: create the life you love by enlightening your gifts and talents. 

She is a regular speaker on Instagram, webinars and workshops and works at supporting women on their well-being and entrepreneurship journey @womenentrepreneursclinic

Nathalie's agenda

Saturday, January 23rd at 3:00pm (Paris time)

"A path to growth, well-being and success"

Be a part of the inspirational week of webinars with the French community and attend 33 workshops and conferences !

"Reconnect with the magic of creativity"

Creativity is no artists’ privilege ! Good news…everyone is creative !

Creativity is essential in your personal and professional growth. It enables you to enjoy building unique connections with different ideas and opinions. Listen to your inspiration. 

Creativity is part of the process of self-expression and an act of turning ideas into reality. It enriches your life with new possibilities.

Nathalie will help you reconnect with the magic of creativity.  

Lighting a candle is a precious moment. It can signify a special occasion with your friends and family, a romantic moment with a loved one or simply a chance to escape and connect with yourself.

We believe Love Light Life candles are the best companion on your journey to wellness. Perfect for your mindfulness, yoga, meditation, coaching sessions, massage or any other treatments, or to recreate the peace of the spa at home.