The story of the Love Light Life candle

Nathalie Vanpoperinghe is the Founder and Director of Love Light Life Candles.

After a career break as a business strategist in the beauty and wellbeing sector, she is now dedicated to offer luxury premium 100% natural candles with wonderful scent, powerful essential oils and inspiring message of love to enhance your wellbeing

She realised that the candle represents her journey: her childhood in the countryside with her mum’s beautiful garden, aromatherapy which reminds her studies at the Biology University, the scent with her professional experience in luxury wellness centers and finally the brand name which gathers her favorite words of wisdom. She designed her candle with her heart to share the “Love Light Life” around her…and eventually around the world. Make this dream happens !

Her candle has been shortlisted for the Gift of the Year 2020.

Love Light Life cares about the planet

Love Light Life candles are 100% natural with a blend of essential oils, soy and coconut wax. 

Love Light Life favors EU business and minimizes its carbon footprint. Candles are designed in the UK and its premium ingredients sourced from France. Glass is made in Italy.

When your candle is finished, its lovely glass container may be recycled in a gorgeous vase for natural flowers.

The meaning of Love Light Life

Why it is important to share the message

Love is a positive emotion that we all seek in order to find happiness in our life. We often expect to find love outside of ourselves, but true love is about loving ourselves first and then express it around us: with a partner, with our family and even the whole planet ! Finding love is an inner journey of self-discovery.

Light has two meanings. Firstly, it is about the sense of becoming lighter by releasing the unnecessary baggage from our past, letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore and finishing any outstanding business before moving on to a new experience. The second is about shining a light on and removing any self-sabotaging patterns that we often fall into unconsciously and which prevent us from following our dreams. 

Light is also about finding our gifts or talents, what is unique about us about going out of our comfort zone to share with the world. It is often what we are doing naturally, with passion, that brings us joy. But sometimes it is like a hidden treasure deep inside ourselves. It can be unlocked once we are enjoying life, and more importantly, loving ourselves.

Life is vibrant, always in movement. Joy can manifest when we live in accordance to our true nature.

Love Light Life are the most powerful, interconnected  words. Life cannot exist without love and light. Light is when we can “shine”, embracing life in a loving environment. Love feels like heaven on earth by following our heart, our inner light so our life’s purpose can unfold naturally.